All this and a cool headset!

I am loving this weekend! Yesterday was great but today is what I’ll tell you about! I took a phenomenal musical theatre class (and if anyone reading this knows, me they have half an idea how awesome this is). My favorite parts were the across the floor combination with SO MANY kicks and the end combination to “Too Darn Hot” from Kiss Me, Kate. Love that song. The teacher was phenomenal – so energetic, friendly and relatable. 


I jogged from class to the theatre for teching for Time/Save/Loss/Return (…right Missy?). I’m not dancing in the piece but am cuing the lights and music from back stage. So, no pressure or anything but I could totally ruin the presentation of the piece…but I’ve been practicing at rehearsal and tech ran okay – got some small notes for next time. I have faith it will work out great! The best part of this, however, is that I thought I would just be standing next to some important person backstage and tell them when to do lights. WRONG! I was handed a headset and a box and taught how to call cues over the headset! 😀 I know you’re jealous.


Nevertheless, I am excited for one last class after lunch. I’m planning on taking a modern technique class which isn’t my primary style (I’m a jazz girl). I’m excited to try something out of my style and think it’ll be a good way to end. Then it’s straight to the theatre and getting ready for the show! Then changing for dinner and a student party before we drive home. It’s going to be a late night but Sierrah said she’ll stay up in the car with me so I don’t get mesmerized at midnight. I’ll drive safely!


Okay, off to lunch and to enjoy the rest of the festival!



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