From the Hart… Day 1

After our four hour drive through the hills of New York and Pennsylvania, we finally arrived at the beautiful Penn State! The collegetown is huge and wonderful and the inn we are staying at is so cute. We unpacked a bit before heading over to registration in the theater building. They have a beautiful auditorium and tons of dance studios and dressing rooms… we felt so lucky.

We got all registered and listened to a panel of the adjudicator who will be judging the formal concerts throughout the weekend. Next on the list was the first concert which had a range of styles, some of which were a hit and others which were honestly not. We were feeling a little better overall because at least I was pretty nervous about being blown out of the water by these incredible dancers and yes there are absolutely incredible dancers here, but we hold our own from UR.

After the concert we had our first class. Some of us went to power yoga and I chose to go to one called choreographing on a lower level which I thought would help me with my severe issues with the floor. It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping but it was fun to analyze her style of teaching (thanks Anne).

Next it was onto dinner at our hotel (delicious!) and then last minute rehearsals for our performance at the informal dance show later in the night. We performed alien nation choreographed by Robert and it was a blast! The audience loved our hip hop style and wearing jabbawockeez masks which were pretty freakin cool (thanks robert!!). Since we were one of the first dances we got to enjoy the rest of the show which literally made me smile until my cheeks hurt and cry like actually really cry from watching a stunning performance.

Gah I love dance and there is no place I would rather be then right here this weekend.

One last note… Today was the lovely Andrea’s birthday so we celebrated after the show with some cupcakes back in the hotel.

We’re about to go on a little adventure roaming around the hotel after a little dance off in my room and then off to sleep to prepare for a busy day of tomorrow!

So happy to be here




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