Getting ready…

Andrea here!So you’ve already met some of the team coming to ACDFA and the rest should be posting soon (I’ll nag them).

The reality is that we’re leaving tomorrow morning for ACDFA! I’m so excited and also a little nervous since none of us have gone before and don’t know what to expect. I haven’t started packing yet (eek!) and need to figure out how to fit a lot of dancewear and a lot of nicer clothes (for dinners and shows) as well as all the shoes and other essentials into small bags. We’re putting 3 or 4 people in each car, so we have to get us, all of our stuff, and our snacks (of course) all packed in there. And I am not a notoriously light packer… We will see how this goes!

Looking at the schedule for classes, I see so many to be excited about! Personally, I’m sad we’re going to miss “blindfolded ballet” because we will be driving – someone from another school will have to tell me about that one. I’m super excited to take rhythm tap on Saturday and musical theatre on Sunday – those are two things that are harder to find classes in and I adore those styles. There are classes in each block I’ve picked out, (possibly b-boying/b-girling on Sunday as well) and will have a hard time choosing!!

In just about 24 hours we will be arriving at Penn State! Woo hoo!


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